About Txo

Who is Txo..
Hi my name is Tamara and I started this blog (formerly Style Journey) in February 2011 as part of a class project. Why did I choose to create a style blog, you can read about it in my first post, but frankly I think it was one of the best decisions of my life. Since starting this blog my life has become a little more exciting if you ask me. How you ask? Well firstly I graduated from college with honors, my greatest achievement thus far. I’ve travelled way more than usual, and rediscovered my love for New York City. I celebrated my 21st birthday in NYC at Fashion’s Night Out & met some amazing people at the IFB Conference. And probably the best part about creating this blog, I was finally able to express myself.

What I do..
I’m an Event & Marketing Coordinator by day (City Of Hamilton)
Model on the weekends (my portfolio)
& Blogger in between (this blog duh!)

My other passions besides fashion…
Dance – before moving to Florida for school in 2009 I danced (Hip Hop) for 10 years. & in 2013 I rekindled my love and begin dancing again with DanceSations (Hip Hop & Jazz).
Shopping – apparently I’m a shopoholic, but what girl doesn’t love to shop
Travel – I love discovering new places & revisiting old ones. My ultimate travel goal, go to Australia for a month.
Theatre & Acting – My childhood dream was to be an actress. I studied theatre in middle & high school, participated in school plays and one of three to receive the highest grade in Theatre Arts IB program in highschool. I also studied film for two semesters at my first college here in Bermuda.
Event Coordination – My passion for event planning is unexplainable. There’s no better feeling than watching a successful event come together, and that’s why it’s my career choice.

Random fact: The story behind the url…
I’ve often been asked why my url is ‘tmaraxo‘ and not ‘tamaraxo‘. Well it’s actually pretty simple. Before I had my blog when I went to create my twitter account someone already had the username Tamaraxo, so I decided to drop an ‘a’ and TMaraxo was born. I decided instead of having a bunch of different usernames on different platforms I’d keep it simple and make them all the same. So no matter where you search 99% of the time TMaraxo will be me 🙂

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Where I am..

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