Designer Feature: Leila Shams

“Leila Shams is about creativity, wit, and sex appeal. Never boring or minimal this is clothing for the life of the party – a woman who loves to be noticed.”This quote is Leila Shams as described on her website. And I couldn’t agree anymore. Even though she has just finished her fourth collection Fall 2011 (post to come) her designs have become very popular, grabbing the attention of big name celebrities like Keri Hilson, Fergie and of course, Ke$ha. Another thing I love about this designer is the names of her collections, this one (S/S11) is called Super Freak. Her 2010 collections; Bad Luck (Fall) and Weird Science (Spring) were just as interesting and amazing. These names speak for themselves and give the collections life. Her newest collection, Fall 2011, is called Super Natural and is the perfect mix of dark and bright colours. Hopefully I can get that post to you within the next few days. I have a presentation to do for class and have to pack my suitcases to go home before Wednesday, and did I mention I hate packing, I’m one of those that takes days. But until then…Enjoy :)These are just some of the fabulous designs from her Spring/Summer 2011 Super Freak collection.

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  1. ooh, her designs are suuper chic and diff 🙂 i loove that owl printed piece and the b&w front knotted number- thanks for the awesome heads uup 😉 your blog is great, suuper happy I found it. Enjoy your weekend Dolly 😉

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