My Top Soca Mixes 2019

Hey guys! So I know this isn’t something I normally do on my blog, but I want to try new things. After all, this blog is about my experiences and Soca is a pretty big part of that these days. With Trinidad Carnival now in full swing I wanted to share my favourite Soca mixes right now. This is for all my people that are also missing out this year, to be able to enjoy the vibes wherever you are and for all my Bermudians that have spent the winter avoiding Soca, so you can start to get ready for our carnival in June. 🙂

In no particular order, these are the mixes I currently have on rotation:

Soca Brainwash 2019 – DJ Private Ryan

Soca Starter 2019- DJ Private Ryan

Carnival Premiere 2019 – Travis World x JuliansPromos

Mek Dem Wine 2018/2019 – DJ Young Chow

M.O.R. Soca Mix 2018 – DJ Young Chow

UberSoca Cabin Mix 2018 – DJ Avalanche

Tailgate Carnival: Soca Road Trip – DJ Private Ryan

Mek Dem Wine 2017/2018 – DJ Young Chow

The Good Vibes Mixtape – DJ Ana

Carnival Warm Up 2019 – Travis World x JuliansPromos

2019 Soca Carnival Last Lap Mashup Mix – Djeasy

What are your favourite soca mixes and who are your favourite soca DJs? Any I missed? I’m always looking for a new mix to jam to!

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