Underestimated, but Unstoppable

Photos by Lamont Robinson

She always underestimated herself. But the minute she stopped, she realized her true potential, and once she believed in herself, she was unstoppable.

Perfection was her procrastination and excuses were her exit door.

One day she reached a fire escape that was just too far for her to jump off.

So instead of jumping down into the unknown abyss.

She decided to climb.

Finally, she had decided to climb and rise, above the doubt, above the negative, above everything that was holding her back.

When she did, she started to find strength. Through her strength she started to believe. Through her belief she gained knowledge and faith. With that, she used this as her power to do, do everything she ever wanted.

No more underestimating, no looking down, no turning back. It’s only up from here.

Rise, and continue to rise, and become – Unstoppable.

About Tamaraxo

29-year-old island girl with a love of fashion & travel.

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