A Re-Introduction

Hi, my name is Tamaraxo and welcome to my blog, On Pink Shores. I originally launched this blog exactly 9 years ago today but back then, the blogging world was very different from what it is today. Back then, fashion or lifestyle blogging was all about creating a personal space where you can share your views and passions with the world. Since then this ‘world’ has transformed into a focus all about the numbers and how many likes you get or people you have the potential to influence. While I think change is great and being able to share your thoughts and influence further is amazing, something I believe that has been lost along the way is authenticity and creativity. And this is something that I am also guilty of, giving into society’s standard of striving to be enough to be considered a professional or doing something only for the likes and/or fame. What happened to doing or experiencing something truly because you enjoyed it and being okay with being a work in progress because no one truly is a finished project, we are always changing.

That said, this blog has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs in the past, and while it would be easy to start over and refresh, I’m not going to, because my past has made me to who I am today, and if I’m being honest, parts of the beginning years of this blog was probably the most fearless and authentic I have ever been, something I have struggled with over the last few years, but I am ready to start being her again.

Who is her? 

I am Tamaraxo. 

I am Tamaraxo. A 29-year-old event coordinator, blogger, model and sometimes influencer who was born and raised on the beautiful island of Bermuda. I have a passion for fashion, dance, planning events and traveling the globe. I am a full-time soca junkie that also listens to pop, r&b, and reggae. I am not a great singer but I love to sing often, even though I never know the words. I have a black cat named Luna, am a part-time bartender and have also taught kids how to swim. I travel every opportunity I get and love to take in the culture, try new experiences and document everything along the way.

I’ve learned that life isn’t easy but as long as I choose to Dream my wildest dreams, Believe and trust in God and the Universe, and take action to Live the life I desire, I will always find happiness among the chaos.

Photo Sources: MontelleBee, Me, Denae, Lauren Pelkey, Mom, CorieFay

About Tamaraxo

29-year-old island girl with a love of fashion & travel.

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