Halifax Photo Diary

My trip to Halifax was a nice relaxing time. I’d have to say my top three of the trip was 1. The food 2. Ice skating and 3. Shopping. Of course I had to get a bit of shopping in there, only had a few hours but time is never an issue for me :). The ‘Born to Shop’ pendent was a birthday present from my Nana and couldn’t be any truer for me! As you can tell from the photos we ate out a lot plus made our own mini Christmas dinner with a turkey. I would have to say the food was the highlight of my trip, I think I must have gained at least 5 pounds while in Canada I ate so much! lol I may be small, but I eat a lot for my size.
I also got to meet up and go out with some friends while I was there which was another plus. I have so many friends that go to school in Canada but have never had the chance to visit them because my school was so demanding, so it was fun to see what they experience and how it is so different from Florida.
Ice skating! It was so much fun, it was my sister’s birthday present so since it’s always better to skate with someone else rather than alone I got in on the action. This was my second time skating (I was 10/11 my first time), I was nervous at first but as I did more laps around the rink I got more confident, and didn’t fall once! 😀 
Oh, the other random person in my pics is my sister, Ashby. Had to include her, she was the reason for the trip, taking her to school (St. Mary’s University) So Proud of her. Canada was fun but by the end of the trip I was ready for New York City and to celebrate my day!
♥ Tamaraxo

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