Sunlight Through The Leaves

(Forever 21 top, & shorts; Purse & watch from Franchesca’s; Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers)
Just a causal outfit. I had on jeans at first cause it was gloomy in the morning, but then the sun came shining through and it was hot as ever so I changed into my shorts. This is normal for Bermuda weather, dark and rainy one minute, blue skies and hot sun the next. You can ask any Bermudian, our weather is extremely bipolar, and the weather channel doesn’t help, they’re always wrong.
This was the first time wearing my Converse…again. I owned a pair in high school but they gathered so much dust in my closet I had to throw them out, but viola! I got a new pair in Boston.
Oh! And I just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my photographer of this post…My Sister, Ashby! She is 18 today and about to start University *tear* I’m getting old. Lol

Christmas 2010

♥ Tamaraxo

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