(BCX cardigan from Macy’s; random top; Forever 21 jeans; Aldo boots)
This was my outfit on Friday for jean day. I’m loving this. I wish jeans were considered business attire, I would wear them almost everyday and wouldn’t have such a hard time picking out my outfit every morning. I don’t have very many business clothes in my wardrobe and if I do it is a few dresses and even fewer dress pants (that don’t even fit me properly). I think if I had more of a selection I would enjoy business attire more, another thing I need to add to my shopping list. This outfit is a little more dressed down than my last jean day outfit, I really wanted to wear heels with this outfit but there was no way I was able to. If you follow me on Twitter you know that I’ve finally started working out regularly to get back fit. Well my workout on the Wednesday, something called Insanity left me so sore! My calves were so sore after, I was limping for the next THREE days! It was ridiculous. Insanity is truely insane. So flat shoes were a must. Speaking of getting fit must run to my workout now! Ta-ta.
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