Rocking Ralph

(Ralph Lauren men’s shirt from my granny; thrifted jeans; Gap booties)
This was an outfit from last weekend, I was in a relaxed mood so I just threw on these jeans that were handed down to me from a friend and this Ralph Lauren shirt that I got from my Granny. I don’t know why but I love this shirt! It’s super big on me so it’s hard to style it but since I was just in a chill mood I paired it with these jeans and my Gap booties. I love the style of these shoes but unfortunately they are not a pair I can wear all day because they start to kill my feet after a while.
I have two work outfits for you this week! I’m excited, I’m getting better at putting together office appropriate outfits. And it’s a good thing to because I will be at this job for a while, I’m loving it! Today I recorded my first ever radio commercial for one of upcoming events this month! It was so fun and a lot easier that I expected. I now see why a lot of artists spend a lot of time in the studio, it’s such a cool atmosphere. Well running off to another workout, I think I’m getting better because I’m not as sore this week! lol
♥ Tamaraxo

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