I’ve got the Blues

(unknown dress; Charlotte Russe blazer; Qupid heels from Connections [Bermuda])

I usually don’t like to go out of order with my outfit posts but this outfit seemed more appropriate to go with sad news since I’m wearing blue and black. This was my outfit from yesterday when I had such a great day at work recording my first radio commercial and having a great & comical workout. On my way home I received some sad but almost expected news. Last night my great-grandmother passed away, she was in her early 90s so she lived a great and full life. She hasn’t been doing well for a while now so it was almost expected that she would go soon but nothing can ever really prepare you when you lose somebody in your life. I just am really blessed and glad that I was able to enjoy her company and get to know her because a lot of people never get the chance to know their grandparents never mind their great-grands. She will be missed dearly and will be in my heart forever. Some people may wonder why I’m posting instead of mourning but everyone grieves different, personally I have to keep myself busy and not dwell in her death but celebrate her life.
Have a great weekend everyone! Sunday I will be announcing the winner of my giveaway, if you haven’t entered you have until tomorrow night at midnight!

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