A Real Life Fairy Tale: Disney Wedding Expo 2011

Bare with me this is going to be a very photo heavy post, but I couldn’t resist, I was at Disney for their wedding expo about two weeks ago (late I know). How could I not take pictures!? My lovely friend Lauren invited me to go, she just loves weddings and wants a career in the planning department, which I don’t blame her. And with Disney, well they just take the cake! Here are just some of the photos I took:

This is their logo for the event, which I thought was perfect… um hello Cinderella’s pumpkin, who doesn’t want a wedding like hers.
The room was just so beautifully set up! Very intimate, they had samples of the food, the cake, desserts everything! The Dessert party was separate from the main event though, it was held at Epcot in this private section where we had front row seats to their firework show, IllumiNations. I’d have to say the desserts were my favourite part; I have a bit of a sweet tooth. 🙂
In between the two events we had some time to walk around the hotel where it was held (The Grand Floridian) and take some pictures. It was beautiful, as is most Disney related things. I fell in love with this tree, I have not a clue what it is but it was the only completely bloomed.
The beautiful Lauren DuJat
The Wedding Pavilion at the Grand Floridian. There was actually a wedding going on that day, and we saw the bride when we sat down to eat lunch at one of the cafés, she looked gorgeous, she was taking her candids so didn’t want to interrupt her shoot.
Overall it was a pretty fun day. I loved it, free food, awesome desserts, a breath taking firework display and not to mention all with one of my favourites Miss DuJat. I decided to spare you the firework photos, I may post the video on my YouTube though (if I remember and have time), my excitement is evident. As for my outfit I was wearing my Chinese Laundry flats, and Forever 21 everything else.
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