Huskies Turf

(H&M top; Forever 21 jeans, sunnies, & black and gold bangles; Nine West sandals; Vintage purse, watch, maroon and off white bangle; Charlotte Russe Fedora)
Day 1 in Halifax. After a long day of traveling and one of the best sleeps I woke up fresh and ready for the day. One thing I’ve learned from traveling so much this summer and the past two years from takes a lot out of you. Oh and that I have the worst luck when it comes to traveling. Story to come in my NYC post.
But this was my outfit day 1 in Halifax, the weather was much cooler that I thought it would be. Turns out I packed my shorts for no reason, I wore jeans the whole trip. It was a good thing I packed more than one pair!
The first set of photos was taken at St. Mary’s, my sister had orientation, getting her ID, room key etc. hence the post name ‘Huskies Turf’ The mascot for her school is a Husky, the rest were taken at my aunts. Her house is the only one on the block with a garden, very beautiful one too! We ended the day with at birthday dinner at Rocco’s for my sister, it’s one of her favourite restaurants in Hali.
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