A Pirate’s Life for Me

This post is way over due. But Halloween happened to fall right in midst of all the mayhem of the last two weeks. And since I’ve just resumed posting I thought I’d get this post done and out of the way considering it is now almost Thanksgiving! For Halloween I decided to be a pirate. I had no clue what I wanted to be until I saw this costume, and since I am obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean, Captain Jack & Will Turner I am: Mrs. Capt. Sparrow-Turner. LOL. Yes I’m greedy I want them both for my husbands.
My Halloween celebration consisted of attending a party that my team & I put on. Yes, not only am I a blogger, and occasional model, but I am also an event planner. I discovered my passion for events in my teens but finally decided to pursue it when I attended Full Sail, of course my favourite course was Event Planning and I excelled and enjoyed the class. (Shout out to my teacher Jamie! She’s the sweetest!) Finally back home I have been pursuing my dreams in the field and this party was my first event out of school and being back on the island. And it was a success. I didn’t take any pics the night of as I was too busy running around and enjoying my hard work, but here are some images of the setup. We decorated the classy LVs Ferrari Bar and made it a bit more halloween appropriate.
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