New Domain & Thank You

After about two hours of frustration last night I finally got my own domain name (insert celebration here) and linked it to my blog (that was the hard part). I’ve been thinking about getting my own domain for a few months now and decided why wait any longer! And Vìola! Here it is! So happy I finally have it, I definitely feel more official (and a little bit cooler) with it.
I chose ‘tmaraxo’ because :
1. that was my url before
2. it’s the url/username for all my accounts
& 3. ‘stylejourney’ was already taken
Plus this is a little more unique.
For those who are wondering why it’s ‘TMaraxo’ and not ‘Tamaraxo’ there’s a story. My Twitter account was the first that I signed up with this name, way before I had my blog, Chictopia or anything else. Unfortunately someone had already taken the Twitter name ‘Tamaraxo’ so I decided to keep the concept but drop an ‘a’, hence my ‘TMaraxo’ franchise was born.

And with this new step I just want to Thank Everyone that has supported me! My readers, followers and even those just passing by. What started out as a class assignment turned out to be one of my best projects ever! Blogging has opened my eyes to a whole new world of opportunities that I never even knew existed or thought was possible. To those who witnessed the beginning and to those just joining my journey, Thanks! Your support means a lot! But this is still the beginning, so feel free to continue to watch me grow!

♥ Tamaraxo

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29-year-old island girl with a love of fashion & travel.

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