NYC Bound

(Charlotte Russe Floral top, fedora & jacket; Forever 21 jeans; H&M wedges and red satchel)
Okay I swear I have the worst luck traveling! I love to visit new places but with all my experiences I hate the process. Flying to New York for my birthday from Halifax, I woke up thinking it was going to be a great day! I was early, had no problem getting to the airport, checking in plus there was a beautiful sunrise. And despite my early morning I had a busy day ahead of me, once in New York I was to drop my bags and then head to the IFB Conference where I was to meet bloggers, stylists, brands and just network in general for my blog. Everything was fine and dandy – until I got to Montreal. I’ve never been there or even to their airport, and if you didn’t know everyone there speaks French, what I thought would be the hardest task (getting to my next gate) was the easy part. At my gate waiting to board, the plane still hadn’t arrived. Long story short (because I know you don’t want to hear me ramble on) the plane was 1hr late, then once we finally boarded they closed La Guardia Airport because of weather conditions. I was able to watch all but the last 10 minutes of POTC 4 before we even left Montreal. Arriving in New York 4 hours late, I missed the majority of the IFB Con but luckily I was still able to experience some of it and make the most out of the situation. Lauren, who I was supposed to be meeting in New York didn’t have any better luck traveling either, flights were so backed up that she ended up having to take the bus in. Needless to say once we finally met up after a long stressful day of travel all we wanted to do is eat and rest. The next day would be my birthday so we wanted to start fresh!
Ps. Still playing catch up, bare with me.
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