Just, Relax

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Sometimes you just need to get away from it all, isolate yourself and relax. Unfortunately with one of our biggest events around the corner (Bermuda Fashion Festival), this is something I won’t have the luxury of doing for a few weeks, so instead I’m going to pretend with this post.
One of my favorite getaways on the island is Grotto Bay Hotel. It’s the only all-inclusive hotel and one of the only ones where you can just visit the hotel and enjoy its amenities without actually staying there.

On two occasions this year I have found myself there to just relax and enjoy life in the moment without worrying about what else is going on. If you ask me, I need more of these moments in my life. I plan to create more of these opportunities going forward, but for now, I’ll just pretend I’m there.

What is a place you like to go and relax to get away from life?

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