Boston Photo Diary

 Just landed and already shopping #onlyme
 The bathroom in the mall! More than just a powder room
 Only my favourite store, I need to come back to this mall
 My new pride & joy: Valentina
 I sprained my ankle once again 🙁

Between shopping, preparing for the wedding, the wedding activities, more shopping, Dave & Busters, and Six Flags there was just so much excitement that I forgot about my camera most times. I took pics at the wedding but I don’t feel right sharing them on my blog. Marriage is sacred, between two people, not the whole world. But I did include a few so you can get a feel, it was so beautiful and the best day of the whole trip!

It was my first time to Six Flags as well, it was so much fun, didn’t take my camera though because I didn’t want to mess it up, & my last point & shoot broke so I have to get another for my casual moments.

♥ Tamaraxo

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