Pencil Me In

Introducing Thomas; co-worker, friend, and occasional pain in the ass 😛
(I wish this photo was in focus. But I love it so I decided to still put it up)
(top from Pirate’s Port [Bermuda]; skirt from Gibbons Company [Bermuda]; Aldo bracelet; vintage chain; Forver 21 sunnies; Steven Madden wedges)
Okay I decided to ‘pencil’ in one more scheduled post as I rush off to the airport for NYC. This is the day before I left Bermuda and the day Thomas and Dani left. As you can see Thomas decided to jump in one of my photos as he ran of to catch his plane. Lol.
This would have been a similar outfit I would have worn for Day 2 of the IFBCON (also with a work twist). What do you think? This isn’t exactly a pencil skirt because, well lets face it, on a normal person it would be but because my waist is so small, it is slightly big on me. But pair it with a belt (to keep it up) and a loose fitting top and I think it works :). Hmm it seem knee length skirts aren’t too bad after all.
Also in the photos you can see a bit of a preview of one of my new iPhone cases that I will be rocking in NYC :D. Closer up version to come later.
I should be back on the island tomorrow – that’s if Mother Nature/Hurricane Leslie allows me to come home. I wouldn’t mind staying an extra day. But hopefully she hasn’t done too much damage to my island home! [Pray for Bermuda]
♥ Tamaraxo
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