Alexandra Mosher + Fetish Art Show

If you follow me on Facebook & Twitter you may remember that I attended an Art Show last Friday as model & muse for the lovely Alexandra Mosher from Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery. She has become my favourite jewellery designer and I absolutely love her work! Well for this art show titled ‘Fetish’ Alex got to explore her creative side and created unique pieces of jewellery that resembled the S&M and bondage trend, which is also a similar vibe is this months Vogue Italia. I was happy to model for Alex as I love everything she does, it was a fun night of laughs, champagne and ‘fetish’ themed art.

 (Photos by Alexandra for Style Journey)
This was custom made to fit me but Alex did such an amazing job and it was so much fun being the model, & the comments were hilarious. Everyone loved her pieces. & the pearl was perfect to offset the edgy concept of the jewellery. For more designs or custom pieces by visit her website & like her Facebook page for regular updates!
 And my modelesque outfit, what I had to wear for the show slightly warmed up with an Express scarf & Forever 21 coat. I got this coat while I was in Florida and have been in love with it ever since, so excited to bring it out for fall! My outfit for the show was a simple Forever 21 tank with faux leather shorts and my Aldo Jeffery Campbell look-a-likes that I got while I was in NY. I think this was the perfect time/outfit to debut them :D! I was so proud of myself because I did my own hair & makeup as well, usually I just like to keep it simple but if I have an occasion and more time than usual I tend to surprise myself! Here’s a few photos of some of the other art work that was on display, I couldn’t take pics and post them of some because it would not be appropriate for my blog but all the art work was amazing & the show had a great turn out!
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