A New Chapter: Miss Warwick – Miss Bermuda Pageant 2015

Firstly let me say ‘Hey, how are you!’. I know it’s been a while, but taking this time has definitely helped with keeping my sanity in this crazy time. Unfortunately I can’t come back quite yet as there are still a few things I need to complete before focusing back on my blog, but this is a special occasion. If you have still been following me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter then you already know the big news. Yours truly will be competing in the 2015 Miss Bermuda Pageant representing the amazingly beautiful parish of Warwick!

Miss Bda

I’m so excited to finally announce this news, it’s seems like it has been a long time coming. Truthfully I have been trying to compete in the pageant since I first returned to Bermuda from school in 2012. Unfortunately for me, it was also the same year that I started my internship with the City and being a newbie in the field I had no idea how it would effect my schedule. Between that and the fact that the two events fell in the same weekend, I regrettably had to back out. Each year since I have continued to enter the pageant and then had to withdraw due to scheduling conflicts. Fast forward three years and I decided, to heck with it, I’m going to do it! Over the years the Fashion Festival has grown tremendously and I have grown with it, knowing the ins and outs of the event, but this year we have also grown the team as well, so I have a great support system helping me out. The dates still clash (the pageant is the day before the festival!) and the schedule is still crazy but with this being my absolute last chance (I’m at the age limit already!) and the support from my boss, team and friends and family, I decided to go for it!

Miss Bda
I think it all worked out for the best. While the pageant would have been a great learning experience for me three years ago, I believe that now this will be an amazing growth experience. And I’m excited to do it with an amazing bunch of girls too! Most I already know either through mutual friends or through my festival, I know we will have fun through this journey together.

Miss BdaMiss Bda
I hope you will join and support me and all the other girls through this journey as we compete for Miss Bermuda! You can expect a lot of posts about my experience over the next two months. Thank you to everyone that has congratulated me and supported me already, it truly means a lot to me and is what helps give me the confidence to push forward and give my best!

♥ Tamaraxo aka Your Miss Warwick 2015!

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