Summer in October

Shorts & a Tee…in October!

(Forever 21 purse, shirt & shorts; Franchesca’s watch; Converse Chuck Taylors)
I used to think Bermuda had the most bipolar weather ever, but it seems that everywhere summer just doesn’t want to leave, & it’s almost halloween! This was over the weekend when it was about 90 degrees outside! I still have my hair straight from my shoot hoping it would last a while, but with it being so hot I was afraid I was going to sweat it out! It’s gotten a little cooler as the week has gone on but the sun is still shining ever so brightly. It almost makes you want to throw on a summery outfit, until you step outside and feel the cool breeze and go right back for you jacket. I must admit as much as I hate the cold the cool is a nice change from the extremely hot summer we had this year, but soon enough I will be wishing for summer, beaches & the heat back. lol.

♥ Tamaraxo

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