Traveling Comfortably

(H&M sweater; Forever 21 jeans; Aldo sneakers; Express purse)
When traveling I like to be as comfortable as possible, therefore my usual ensemble is a top, comfortable jeans (I like to sleep on the plane), a jacket (because I find the plane is always cold) and sneakers; because no matter what I usually have to walk half the terminal to get to my gate. I love traveling but I hate the process so I try to keep my outfits as simple as possible, and since I was going to New York I decided a sweater would be better for the cold than just a regular top. And was I right, as soon as I stepped outside my hands froze! This was my outfit to travel, unfortunately my camera was on the fritz the entire trip so I apologize in advance for the quality of my photos! I’ll be posting my outfits from the trip for the next week and then I will do a photo diary of the trip overall. I also took a lot of video so I’m hoping to create a video of my trip as well. I figured it was time to finally make use of my YouTube page, Lol. I hope you will enjoy the posts as much as I enjoyed the trip, my most exciting and eventful trip to NY so far!
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