Feature: Vogue January & February 2012

I’m slightly obsessed with the January & February issues of Vogue right now. Between Charlize’s radiant beauty and Taylor’s amazing transformation, these two editorials have definitely filled me with inspiration! Don’t believe me, take a look for yourself. I know I want to get my hands on these two issues for my trip to New York tomorrow (which I still have yet to pack for, talk about last minute).

Vogue January 2012 – Cover girl Charlize Theron

(Image source: Vogue)

Vogue February 2012 – Cover girl Taylor Swift

(Image Source: Vogue)

Are you as amazed at Taylor Swift’s transformation as I am!? & Isn’t Charlize just gorgeous! What do you think of these cover girls?

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One thought on “Feature: Vogue January & February 2012

  1. The Charlize Theron shoot was hot. Its about time US Vogue did something editorial and half decent. I gave up buying it and just stick to UK and Italian. (same goes for Elle)

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