Chucks & Cassie

(Forever 21 top; Garage layered necklace; vintage confetti necklace; passed down ripped jeans; Converse Chuck Taylors)
I just wanted to do a quick outfit post before heading to bed, I’ve spent the evening finally finishing off the video from my NYC trip back in January. It’s almost done so hopefully I can finish and post it before the week is out. Only 3 months late, oops. And then I also have a video that I took at the beginning of this month on Good Friday, so you will finally have an idea of what the holiday is like in Bermuda. 🙂
These photos are from my Saturday night, after spending the evening at my friend Denae’s house eating a (delicious) spaghetti and meatball dinner and playing with her dog Cassie we went on a Scavenger Hunt around the city for one of our friends birthday. It was quite an event, we were literally running around town doing crazy and random things and then had a night of dancing after. It was fun, I loved it, lots of laughs. My Sunday was nice, relaxing and random as well, but more about that tomorrow (or today).
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