Long Hair Don’t Care

(Everything Forever 21; Steve Madden wedges)
Once again sorry about the photos, not only did I not have time to take proper outfit photos but I also didn’t even have my camera with me so once again had to settle with iPhone photos. I promise I won’t make this a habit for summer, or at least will make sure to carry my small digital camera with me.
This was another casual Friday look that easily could go from work to a night out with friends. I have to admit Friday is even more my favourite day of the week now because I am able to dress more my style than businessy. But I can’t take full credit for this outfit though, I went to work with my shirt styled completely differently. My co-workers helped me style this top, and I am actually happy with it now where as when I left the house in the morning I just threw it on and grabbed my necklaces and wedges as I ran out the door. So the whole ensemble was me but I have to give some styling credit to my co-workers Kevin & Thomas, thanks guys! 
Oh and my hair πŸ™‚ curtosey of my dear friend Sydney. She did it over a week ago and it still looks fresh and straight! Still in disbelief of how long my hair is! To think it took me six years to grow it back from when I decided to cut it all off from boredom at 15, never again. I refuse to cut it, I’m going to let it grow until I can sit on it – then maybe I’ll think about possibly cutting it lol.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
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4 thoughts on “Long Hair Don’t Care

    1. Thank youu! It's actually quite old now, I got it a few months ago maybe back in September.
      Unfortunately I haven't been away/shopping recently so I have to find new ways of reinventing my current wardrobe.

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