Til The Sun Goes Down

(Pirate’s Port dress [Bermuda]; H&M belt; Express cardigan; Forever 21 purse; Madden Girl heels)

Just wanted to do a quick post, I’ve actually been getting home at a reasonable hour so far this week so I’m taking advantage of it while I can because that won’t be happening next week once the Fashion Festival starts. These were from last week after one of our meetings for the city show, yes I was just knocking off at sunset (which is at around 8pm right now). I’ve been working like crazy lately this show takes up a lot of my time between daily tasks to plan the show and rehearsals nights and weekends but I’m loving every minute. Definitely a huge learning experience for me in both my event planning and modeling careers. Mind you don’t get me wrong, I will be excited to get my sleep and beach days back lol.
♥ Tamaraxo
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