Blooming Gems

(Forever 21 jeans and top; Aldo bracelet; Charlotte Russe sandals)
Summer is coming and I’m loving it..Colour is in the Air! For this outfit I planned it around my bracelet, I got it last year from Aldo but hadn’t worn it. I just loved all the colour in it and this bright orange top was the perfect to help bring out that colour. I had graduation orientation that morning so the colour was not the only thing brightening up my day. Only one more month now! I’m so excited but also getting nervous as well, cause that also means it’s closer to presenting my final project (we have to create a feasibility study for our own start up business). Wish me luck in this last month! 
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♥ Tamaraxo

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3 thoughts on “Blooming Gems

  1. Hey darling, first of all, love your outfit!

    Second of all, I thought it would be smarter to reply here, that way you actually get my reply and yeah, I find it much easier to have some sort of conversation this way 😉

    Girl, I can tell you have amazing taste 😉 How did your Victoria's secret assignment go? And hell yes, I'm obsessed with Miranda too. And Candice.

    And why, thank you for pointing out that Orlando Bloom was missing from the side pictures! Should be rectified shortly 😉

    Hope you're having an awesome weekend!


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