That Day Of Green

(Forever 21 shorts, bracelets, purse & sunglasses; Express top; belt from Target; Charlotte Russe sandals)

Ahhh St. Patrick’s day was a quite relaxing day if I must say so myself. I spent my day going to lunch with my friend Lauren in Baldwin Park before she had class, and then finishing off some homework in the evening.  It was such a beautiful Floridian day that we wanted to eat some place where we could sit outside. So we found this BBQ place in Baldwin Park, it was nice. These are just some pictures from the day. I wish I could do things like this more often.

Oh and if you’re wondering why I’m not wearing any green, it’s because 1) I don’t own any green, sad I know & it’s my favourite colour fail and 2) I honestly didn’t even realize it was Patty Day until I saw parents and their kids running around Baldwin Park head to toe in green. Double Fail. Next year I will make sure I’m prepared!

PS. Sorry that I’m soooo behind. My school work has been very demanding since I’ve been in final project and still have one more month of it. So bare with me. One more month til Graduation!! Can’t Wait!

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