iPhoneography and a High Waist

(Forever 21 top; random slacks; Bakers pumps)
Still can’t believe it’s Monday already! The weekend went by so quickly. I guess that’s what happens when you’re busy half day Saturday and working all day Sunday. I literally woke up this morning convinced it was Sunday and wondered why my alarm was going off at 7am, then I take another glance at my phone and see the day says Monday. So much for a sleep in. This outfit was from last week, I never got a chance to take my actual look pictures so instead just opted for some quick iPhone photos taken by my boss before the end of the day. I was so unsure about this outfit because a tucked in top with slacks is not a look that I would go for. But hey I’m willing to try something once, it’s very business professional. The pants are slightly big for me so I tried to pull them up a little to give them a bit of a high-waisted look to it. What do you think?
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