To Great Lengths

(Pirate’s Port [Bermuda] dress; H&M cardigan & belt; Call It Spring wedges)
Monday’s outfit to work. It is getting harder and harder to find something to wear to work as the weather gets warmer. It’s getting too hot to wear my slacks and wearing thick tights under my dresses and skirts is just not an option for summer. This morning I literally tore apart my whole wardrobe looking for something to wear and still am not satisfied with my outfit. I don’t own many (if any) office appropriate clothes, I’ve been convinced all my life that I was not meant to work in an office hence the reason for my wardrobe but I love this job so I’m making an exception, plus when it gets closer to the event time I’m running around anyway barely even at my desk. Back to my wardrobe, I have plenty of work tops, its the skirt/shorts/dress lengths that’s the issue, none are inappropriate lengths for the fashion world, just the business world. Time for a little shopping trip I think. But enough of my ranting and raving of lack of wardrobe (for the office), how did I do with this outfit, keeping it office appropriate I mean?
Happy Hump Day!
♥ Tamaraxo

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