In Memory

(Thirfted dress; H&M purse; Express cardigan; Bakers pumps; Ribbon for Malcom)
This was my outfit that I wore to Malcom’s Funeral on Wednesday. It was such a beautiful service, hard to keep it together in the beginning but there were a lot of speakers reminiscing about him, his accomplishments, enthusiasm and how funny he was. The day was about celebrating his life and that’s exactly what we did. The family didn’t want everyone to wear all black, they wanted colour, and blue was his favourite colour. I couldn’t bring myself to wear all colour because I wasn’t exactly happy joyful, so I wore this black dress with blue accents, for him. It was a bit chilly from the tropical storm near by so I added these tights to keep warm. It was also a very windy day, hence my dress slightly blown in some of the pics, I swear I haven’t gained any weight! lol
Love you Malcolm, You are missed so much!
After this it’s back to normal posting, I promise. I have some photos from a fashion show last weekend to come (which was amazing). 
♥ Tamaraxo

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