Designer Feature: Nikki Sunga +RUCKUS

I’ve been non-stop all day and my day still isn’t over. But I wanted to stop and do this post. And if you ask me the timing couldn’t be any better. I want to introduce to you Nikki Sunga.

Nikki wearing a necklace from her Navajo collection
Graphic Design. Photography. Fashion Accessories. Blogging. Student. She does it all! I came across her on Chictopia a little while back, adored her style and have been following her blog ever since. She is the founder and designer of +RUCKUS Accessories, & the girl has got talent.
Only founded in October 2010 there have already been two collections (both of course sold out) and they are about to reveal their second mini collection. Which brings me to why this post has perfect timing. Because NAVAJO, the second collection, sold so quickly Nikki has created a part 2… which will debut tomorrow night! (April 13th) 
Introducing the In Between Collection
The poster for the collection is starting another fashion blogger Joanna Ladrido, which I thought was appropriate considering she rocks the brand herself. Unfortunately the brand (as well as these ladies) are located in the Philippines so it’s not that easy to get your hands on these amazing accessories. But that does not mean it should go unnoticed.
Nikki I raise my glass to you, you are one talented girl, keep it up! …And let me know when you go international, I would love own at least one of your designs, who wouldn’t?! 🙂
Lastly, for your viewing pleasure, Joanna Ladrido and Patricia Prieto adding some +RUCKUS to their wardrobe:
♥ Tamaraxo

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