The Reason For The Season

There is always that one person that introduces you to the world in which you then become obsessed with. Well with me that’s not exactly how it happened. I would say that since about the age of 13 I was into fashion, models, the magazines, everything like that. However, there were three things that hindered me diving in the deep end of this ever-changing industry.
1.     I was not that stylish (even though I thought I was)
2.     I was more into movies and acting
3.     Well lets face it magazines are expensive, I wasn’t working, and my mom was not going spend $13 on the latest issue of Vogue every month.
So my love was put to the side, and instead I had to settle for scrapbooking from the pages of the magazines I had managed to get before I was cut off.
Now fast forward 7 years and I am a senior in college. I’m older, have a little more money in my pocket, have a little more fashion sense, and a much bigger interest in the fashion industry.
Starting with obsession with Victoria’s Secret and its collection of gorgeous Angels that are the face of its brand to Bebe and its Kardashian collection, the fashion industry is pretty amazing. From Dolce & Gabbana to Juicy Couture to Forever21, they have definitely gained my interest. Up until early last year (2010) I only knew about the mainstream brands and models. It was when Forever21 launched their 4-story store in NYC that I realized how big the industry really is. Their campaign featured blogger and model Rumi Neely. It was then that I found this somewhat underground fashion world. I loved Rumi’s look so of course I googled her, and found her blog Fashiontoast.
(Photo source: Rumi Neely of fashiontoast)
This was just the beginning of something beautiful.
From there I found Chictopia, and fashion bloggers like Keiko LynnTricia GosingtianJenny Ong, and Kryz Uy.
These girls are just a few that have inspired me to create this blog and document my ‘Journey to Achieve Chic & Fabulous Personal Style’.
  ♥ Tamaraxo

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