Ripped Shorts & Owly Eyes

(Forever21 top, shorts & owl necklace, boots from A’Gaci)
Forgive the quality of the pictures, I’ve had my digital for quite a few years now and am now in the process of saving up for a new one. I wanna get a good camera that takes good quality pics but that is also the same or around the size as your average digital camera. Have any suggestions because I don’t know where to start? Help would be much appreciated. 
Now on to the outfit. Nothing special just an average school day, it’s getting warmer here in sunny Florida but still cool so I decided to pair my outfit with stockings and boots instead of a summery bare legs and flats or sandals. Throw on my cropped Charlotte Russe jacket and I was ready to go. 🙂
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♥ Tamaraxo

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