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It’s that time of year again; roses, sweet scents and that little chubby dude with the diaper and bow & arrow. The most romantic day of the year is only one week away but are you ready for it? Need some help on planning that sexy night with that special someone; look no further than the sexiest company on earth, Victoria’s Secret.
This year Victoria’s Secret is turning up the heat with an all-new collection: the Love Push-Up. Bras, panties and garters the Love Push-Up collection was designed to make hearts race. Modeled by their top angels Adriana, Candice and the other girls they are off the meter with this campaign. But VS does not stop there, on their website the make it easy to find the best outfit for that special night. Whether you want to be sexy, sweet, flirty or wild Victoria’s Secret has the Valentine’s Day Gifts to fit your mood.

Love Me is the newest fragrance from Victoria’s Secret’s ‘Sexy Little Things Noir’ brand designed especially to attract for this Valentine’s Day. With a mix of floral and fruit scents it is sure to turn heads.
And to help turn up the heat when the time comes, in their beauty section Victoria’s Secret has a variety of seductive treats for the occasion. From kissable oils and lotions to edible body icing, they have sweet candy treats “for the not-so-sweet”.

(Images scanned from my Victoria’s Secret Love Me: Valentine’s Day 2011 Catalogue)
Lingerie, beauty products, the daytime outfit; Victoria’s Secret has everything you need to get ready for Valentine’s Day. In store or online, you need to hurry up because Valentine’s is only one week away and no one likes to disappoint on a day like this. 😉
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