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Camille Sioco | Frilly Skirts
It’s been a long while since I did a Blogger Feature post. The last one I did was featuring the blogger that inspired me to start this blog, Rumi Neely. I think it’s very appropriate that I bring it back featuring a blogger that has recently inspired me to keep going no matter the situation. I would like to introduce Camille Sioco of Frilly Skirts, an amazing person who juggles being a student in university, volunteering for charity, and a new job all on top of blogging.
What I enjoy most about Camille’s blog is the whimsical feel you get when you enter the homepage. All of her photos have a sort of soft effect that make you feel as if you are in a dream world and her girly style with the occasional urban twist fits perfectly. Another thing I love – and am completely jealous about – is that she lives in Australia. (My ultimate travel destination). Each one of her posts features a different area and you very rarely see an area duplicated. I love when bloggers take advantage of their surroundings and add it to the character of the outfit. In such a saturated market, I would say she is definitely one of the few that continues to stay true to herself. Her outfits continually inspire me to step outside of the norm, but still stay true to me.
Camille is also a follower of my blog, On Pink Shores. As a blogger knowing that someone actually reads and enjoys your blog is one if the most rewarding things, and if you inspire them that is even more rewarding. It’s nice to know that someone actually listens to what you have to say, whether through words or photos – it’s also a great validation that you are not just talking to yourself out loud. And when one of your readers ends up being someone that you follow and are inspired by that when you start to feel accomplished.
I recently reached out to Camille to let her know how much her blog inspires me and to encourage her to keep it up, and to my surprise I received a response.  Now I know from being an event coordinator that when you have a lot going on it’s hard to respond to the small things, so I was grateful when I received an email back. What touched me even more were her words; she thanked me for following her and shared with me that even though she gets so busy and finds it hard to juggle everything sometimes, she gets it all done because everything she does she loves. Lastly she expressed her interest in my blog and how she wished there was more. And that was it, that was the exact thing I needed. 
While I enjoy blogging and sharing posts, when my busy season of events comes around I find it very difficult to keep on top of everything and find time to sleep too, and the first thing that always suffers is my blog. It’s a shame and I don’t like it but it’s the truth. But with Camille’s words it gave me the push I needed to take back control of things. Since her email I have begun the path to be a better blogger by posting more regularly and constantly, no matter what I have going on. And while the real test won’t come until next year when my events kick off again, I believe I am off to a good start and I want to thank Camille for that. On top of all the amazing things she does, she is a great inspiration and motivator.
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