Blue Skies & Green Grass | Congrats St. Geo!

(Forever 21 bracelets, sunnies, shorts & purse; top from Pacsun; Baby Phat sneakers)

How long this post has been sitting around on my dashboard I’m not too sure. But it definitely has some significance now considering St. George’s won Cupmatch and their colours are Light Blue & Dark Blue! Just want to say: Somerset better luck next yearrr 😀 !! I explained a bit about Cupmatch here but if you want to learn more about it check this site. This years Cupmatch was the best ever, I’m not sure next year will be able to top it! Sun, Sand, Friends, Bathing Suits, Wedges, BBQs, & Crystal Blue Water. There is no better time of year! As I said before, photo diary to come!

Oh and a little about this actual post. Just a random & hot day, so something a lil summery. I had gotten my hair done this day (Finally, it had been 5 months!) and since it was so hot I asked my lovely hairdresser, Renee, to put it up for me, but in a way that it still fit under my helmet. & Voila! Something simple turned fancy! I love it because you can also see my highlights. Backlogged post one: Check.
I’ll leave you with this last pic of the gorgeous blue sky & the contrasting green of my back yard 🙂

♥ Tamaraxo

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