Tobacco Bay

 Forever 21 top | Victoria’s Secret bikini | MissGuided sunnies & body chain

Photos by R. Souza & iPhone photos T. Lightbourne

At the beginning of the year I mentioned about my childhood and growing up spending my summers in St. George’s. Back then I would spend days at the beach, playing with my cousins and getting a snowball pretty much every day (sometimes twice a day). The one beach that I would go to the most was Tobacco Bay. Climbing on rocks and trying to catch Fry Fish and Parrot Fish that called this beach home, typical activities for little me. Fast forward 20 years, I’m still climbing the rocks but instead of chasing fish, I’m ‘adulting’. Lol.

Tobacco Bay is one of the smallest beaches in Bermuda and has an amazing family atmosphere. But if you catch it on the right day (mostly Sundays and sometimes Saturdays), you can grab your friends for a fun day of cocktails and music. And of course, can’t forget the impromptu photo session.

Check out all about Tobacco Bay at their website, here.


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