Town of St. George

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If you didn’t already know, Bermuda is filled with hidden beauty all over the island. From colourful houses, to hidden alley ways and secluded beaches. It is easy to find beauty every where you go. One area where the beauty is constantly overlooked is in our historical Town of St. George. A little history lesson, St. George’s used to be the capital of Bermuda, is the point of the island that was first colonized after we were discovered, and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but I love it for another reason that is closer to my heart. I am from the west side of the island and do prefer my side (because I can never be too far from our beautiful beaches), but I also spent a lot of my childhood in St. George’s as a half of my family is from and still lives here. These days I don’t travel that end of the island as much as I used to but I am still just as familiar navigating the smaller than normal roads and alley ways. This town will always be one of my top suggestions for any visitor or local that wants to experience a unique part of the island or ‘old Bermuda’. And not to mention it has a LOT of great spots for outfit photos! 😉

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