For Me

Photos by C.Smith

Forever 21 bralette | MissGuided skirt | Lolashoetique sneakers | thrifted purse | Quay Australia x Chrisspy sunnies

Sometimes you have to look back to figure out exactly where you’re going. I’ve been in and out of the blogging world pretty much since I started 6 years ago 😳. It is something that I have struggled to keep up with. I’m constantly collecting content to post, but can never find the time to actually edit the content and create the post. Partly because I’m always busy, but also because deep down, I have had this fear of it not being good enough. I’ve talked about trying to be a perfectionist before, it’s in my sign (I’m a Virgo), but I also know it stems from a fear of being judged. Putting your life online for everyone to see is scary! And in a world where followers are valued over real relationships and people now make money by posting the perfect Instagram photo, there is a lot of pressure to be ‘perfect’ or a least a ‘perfect mess’.

Posting a few photos here and there on Instagram is just easier, and way less intimidating than curating an entire blog post, but that isn’t where my heart is. I enjoy Instagram, but my heart is still in this blog-somewhere. There is something in me that won’t let myself give it up. At least not until I’ve really given it a proper chance. So here’s to me, looking back, catching up, figuring out where I am going and giving my blog a real chance. Follow me if you wish, or don’t, either way I don’t care. I very rarely get to do something for myself these days, so this time, I’m doing it for me.

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