Running On Adrenaline

I think this is the first outfit I am previewing with my street style. As a teenager I was one of those girls that wore graphic tees, jeans (shorts in summer) and sneakers all the time. But you can’t be 16 forever, hence this blog, my style journey and transformation to dress how I’ve always wanted and it be age appropriate. But I don’t think I will ever be able to abandon my sneakers, instead I’ll just jazz them up a bit.

(Forever21 top, tights & jewelry; random belt & shorts; Nike Air Force Ones)
I was literally running off of adrenaline this day, so I wanted something simple and comfortable but cute to wear to class. I had stayed up all night the night before trying to finish my paper for class, and considering I had had ZERO hours of sleep, I had to off set it by looking good, and I think I did a good job. I was surprised that I managed to function the whole day and not fall asleep in class. I must admit I felt accomplished; finished my paper, looked cute for class and was not a zombie! Mind you I learned my lesson, no more all nighters for me, I was exhausted once the day was done.
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