Video: Good Friday 2012

Soo I may be a year late posting this but I finally decided to finish this video last week, and with Easter weekend coming up next week I thought this was the appropriate time to post it 🙂

I’ve had a pretty busy (&rough) couple of weeks at work with our City Food Festival going on this week and my City Fashion Festival Evolution Model Calls coming up in less than a month, hence my distance. I decided to choose sleep for a change in my down time for a little while before things got busy. I want to do a lot more videos this year so you can see what exactly goes on on this little rock of mine, and what I do for fun, in my work time and spare time. Hope you guys are ready, you’ll get to see a whole new side of me – beyond the outfit posts. But enough of me..

Here is the video I created of my Good Friday holiday last year.. Enjoy
(You may have to adjust the quality)


♥ Tamaraxo

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