Cheers to the Freakin’ Weekend

(Forever 21 lace top & shorts)
An outfit I wore last weekend, I was in a mischievous/rebellious mood while playing Rihanna in the background – on repeat. This is definitely more edgy and daring than my normal outfits. A nice change, but don’t expect to see me in see through lace again anytime soon. I wasn’t however brave enough to wear the shorts out, it still gets cool at night in Bermuda so I wore these jeans & some heels with the outfit instead. Oh and about the focus or lack of, still getting used to the new camera. This was the first time using the stand so trying to focus the camera and pose for the picture at the same time….times like this I wish I had a personal photographer.

And just a few mirror shots for your viewing pleasure. Can’t you tell I got bored waiting. I promise I’m not that conceded. I’m actually quite modest, I just tend to go overboard when I like my outfit. For your listening pleasure – the song behind the post.

♥ Tamaraxo

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