Work Horse on a Rainy Day

Okay I know I’ve been a pretty bad blogger lately but now that we are officially in the countdown to the City Fashion Festival work has been so busy and the last thing I wanna do when I come home is stare at another screen for another however many hours (cause I know once I open the computer I’ll be on it for the next 4 hours and accomplished nothing).
Being busy has also made me very lazy with my outfits and all this rainy and gloomy weather hasn’t helped. But hopefully that all changes this weekend. I’m very excited for Saturday! Hopefully it gives me some inspiration for outfits. As much as I want to tell you what it is I’m not going to because I want it to be a surprise, but I will be sure to document it all for you 🙂
The Bermuda Day holiday is also coming up on Thursday! I’m excited I finally get to celebrate it again, I’ve been in Florida for it for the past 2 years. Hopefully the weather clears up though otherwise my plan of being on a boat will pretty much suck.
These photos are the view of the beautiful weather currently outside my window.
♥ Tamaraxo

Ps. I’ve been on my computer for about two hours before actually hitting ‘publish’ on this post. Told yah.

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