The City I Love: NY Photo Diary

As I said before my camera didn’t come out too often as we were pre-occupied with shopping, trying to balance shopping bags in one had and whatever else we had picked out in the other, lol. These are the few images I did take. These were taken using my Canon compact camera, sorry about the quality of some of the photos.

 Amber’s then my shopping bags from the first two days of shopping. Both times were only for a few hours, not even a whole day. I think some bags are missing too.
These last photos are from our last night in the city. We met up with some of Amber’s old college friends and they took us to The Village area. Even though it feels like I’ve been in NYC a lot lately I have a new experience every time I go. I always visit a different part of the city and there is always something to do! I love it! If New York City wasn’t so cold in the fall & winter time I’d move there! ♥
Outfit & shopping posts to come!
♥ Tamaraxo

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