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Today I celebrate the third anniversary of my dear baby, On Pink Shores. I can’t believe it’s been three years since I started this blog back in university. As today approached, it made me think about where I have come compared to my early days of blogging. As I looked back at my old posts and videos, it made me think about where I want On Pink Shores to go in 2014. I started this blog as a school project that turned into a passion and hobby that I loved to work on daily, however over the years it has become hard to find the time. After graduating school in 2011, scoring my internship in 2012 and starting my new job in 2013, my life has been through so many changes but I haven’t really allowed myself to adapt to these changes. This year I want to take the chance to make those changes. My priorities have changed since first starting this blog. After graduation I still had a lot of spare time therefore I was always on my blog and traveling and loving every minute of it. When my internship came into play I wasn’t full time so I still had the chance to have the best of both worlds but when I was hired full-time it hit me like a whirlwind. I was working even more hours, juggling multiple jobs, traveling more and still trying to find time to sleep and keep a social life. Blogging fell to the back bone.

Now, after really taking a look back, I  was doing it all wrong. I stopped thinking about my blog as a hobby and passion I loved and started treating it like a task, another job that didn’t really fit into my schedule. At times I even toyed with the idea of giving it up, but in my heart, I am not ready to, not yet at least. That is why this year I’ve taken the time to think about how I would like to move forward and am going to change my whole perspective of this blogging thing. In 2014 my schedule is going to be just as crazy if not worse than in 2013, but this time I have myself on my side. Blogging isn’t in the forefront anymore but it’s no longer in the background either. It will be my get away in between. As I enthusiastically stated in a video I recorded two years ago for my blog’s first anniversary, I hope you guys continue to follow my journey cause “I’m not stopping this blog any time soon, I love doing it!”

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Thank you for all your support, it’s what helps keep me going on those off days. So just because it may be a few days in between posts, don’t worry, that just means I have something amazing coming 🙂
♥ Tamaraxo
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