Violent Lips Lip Tattoo Photoshoot

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Thank you to everyone on that was apart of this shoot! I had so much fun and the lip tattoos from Violent Lips are great! The only thing about them is that if your lips have to much movement they can crack, especially the word and pattern ones, the Glitterati ones seemed fine! I’m not sure if I would be able to wear them out myself because I have way too many facial expressions and love to laugh too much it would fall to pieces on my lips. But for a photoshoot where you only have it on for a short amount of time and things like that they are great! Thanks to Mo’Nique who styled and came up with the concept also big thanks to everyone else on the team: Mike (photographer), Hannah (MUA), James (asst. stylist), Sierra (hair), Kiwana, Alex for using the studio and all the other models! I’ve only put my images up on my portfolio but you can see the other girls’ images on Mike’s site and blog.
We took lots of Behind the Scenes photos and video! You can see my BTS photo’s here and Mike’s here. I’ll be uploading the video to my YouTube page tomorrow. I had so much fun editing it, and I’m in love with the song I used. I think it’s quite appropriate! Check back tomorrow to see 😀
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