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Last week I had the opportunity to interview the wonderful Keisha Ramsay. Keisha is a makeup artist here in Bermuda who started her own cosmetics company called Chrysalis Cosmetics. She invited me over talk about her latest collection that she’s brought in Lime Crime and I even got to play around with some of the glosses and shadows. Here’s some information I found out about Keisha & Chrysalis:
TXO: When did you first start doing makeup professionally?
KR: Over 10 years ago.
TXO: What was the thought behind starting your own cosmetics company?
KR: I wanted to find products that were fun, exciting, that would capture youth, innocence and awaken the senses. Something girly and very feminine.
TXO: When did you start Chrysalis Cosmetics?
KR: 3 years ago. I carry products from different vendors, the brands I carry include: Cake Beauty – bath & body line, TINte – vintage makeup line, & Lime Crime – fashion forward colours
TXO: What is your most popular product?
KR: Lime Crime candy future lipsticks because they are so bold, creamy & moisturizing and the Cake Beauty products. Also Lime Crime Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper. It is a base that you put under the shadow and it highlights the colour of the pigment making it even bright, keeps the shadow in place and makes it water proof. If you were to only get one thing from the Lime Crime collection I would recommend Candy Eyed because it works with other loose shadows as well not just Lime Crime.
TXO: Most popular colours?
KR: Lime Crime candy future lipstick – No She Didn’t (Pastel Blue) [pictured below]
Limited Edition Carousel lip glosses

TXO: What is a major trend in makeup right now?
KR: Bright bold shadows with a nude lip or vice versa

TXO: What about the cat eye, I know that was really popular at one point?
KR: Yeah and it’s still popular, it is like a classic, it never goes out of style. Just like the smokey eye, I like to call it the LBD of the makeup world, because it goes with everything.

TXO: My daily routine is pretty simple (liner & mascara), what is an easy & simple way I could spice up my routine?
KR: What I tell people, especially when using Lime Crime, if they’re not used to the bold colours you can also use it as an eye liner to add a little drama and it will get you used to wearing the brighter colours. Then you can go ahead and use it on the lid.

TXO: How does Chrysalis products differ from the other big name brands?
KR: Lime Crime is vegan, and I find the colours are true to what you see, it has extreme colour play-off.
Cake Beauty is all natural ingredients and all their products smell like cake.
With TINte their lip glosses are flavoured. So if it says root beer float that is what it is going to taste and smell like on your lips.

TXO: Tell me a bit about your latest collection Lime Crime?
KR: Well firstly it is vegan, they are very whimsical and mimic a fairy-tale feel. The lipsticks are creamy and the glosses are not sticky or gooey and the have the same coverage as a lipstick. The colours are bold and very pretty to look at, it’s like the ultimate accessory for your makeup bag.

TXO: What are your goals for Chrysalis for 2012?
KR: I’m hoping to create my own line which will fit in with the products I carry now. I would like Chrysalis to be the leading makeup company in Bermuda.

After the formal question interview I was able to take some pictures and play around with the makeup and I can now say I am a fan of Lime Crime. The colours are amazing and really are true to what you see! (Click ‘Read More’ for photos)

 Lime Crime Carousel Gloss Lip Gloss
 I love the names! They are all circus themed
 Testing the Carousel Gloss, I love how bright the colours are! Realistically I would probably only wear Candy Apple and Cherry On Top, though I would wear the others for a photoshoot.
 Lime Crime’s newest shadow colours or Magic Dust as it’s called. Again loving the names!
 These two would have to be my favourite names of them all: Mischief Managed and Cupcake Theif.
 Even the packaging stays true to the whimsical & fairytale theme
 Lime Crime’s most popular shades of Candy Future (lipstick) L-R: No She Didn’t, Retro Futurist, Coquette, Airborne Unicorn (the signature colour of Lime Crime) and Styletto.
Some of my other favourite shadow colours, unfortunately I wasn’t able to get the best photo with my camera, they are much prettier in person I promise! Top row L-R: EmpressDragon Scales, TwilightNymph Bottom Row L-R: Lime Criminal, SirenMedusa
Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper, The most popular and amazing product! A must have in every girls makeup bag! And the best part – It actually works!

You can find Chrysalis Cosmetics products at Lovit Boutique (Cake Beauty & TINte) and their website (Lime Crime)

For more information about Chrysalis Cosmetics products & services visit them at their website and like them on Facebook!
For more information about Lime Crime visit their website and Facebook Page!

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