SJ Loves The Gold Label

Wearing: 2011 Turquoise Summer Flounce by The Gold Label
I won this when they had their first anniversary giveaway.
To enter you had to come up with an acronym for GOLD and tell them about your favourite gold accessory. Here is my entry:


I came up with this acronym with fashion and thegoldLabel in mind.

My Fave gold accessory! This gold Juicy Couture charm bracelet! I love it because it represents me, a palm tree: I’m an island girl, Hollywood star: California is my second home, the video camera: I love movies and acting, and the pearl: “stuff for nice girls” and I love nice stuff and to shop. The only thing that is missing is a high heel. This is my go-to bracelet on a casual day, and always looks good with any outfit.

Unfortunately shortly after I moved back to Bermuda and my fave gold accessory got lost in the move! 🙁 I still search through some of my things hoping I missed something and will find it but still no luck. But cannot wait to see what The Gold Label is up to next! Maybe I’ll place some custom orders for the new year! 

♥ Tamaraxo

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