Monochromatic + The MelRose Project Fashion Challenge

Well hello my lovely readers. Yes I know its been a few days but I’ve been very busy with homework, and school comes first. However now it’s Friday, the homework is done and I’m back, oh how I’m excited it’s the weekend. Time to play catch up.

This post is an outfit post PLUS a challenge. About a month ago fellow blogger AJ Martinez from The MelRose Project posted a Fashion Challenge on her blog. And all month long she has been reminding me to participate and after a month I finally found the right outfit! I present to you the outfit….

(Forever 21 abstract top; Express cardigan and shorts; heels from Jazzy Boutique in Bermuda)

And the inspiration behind it….

I thought I did a pretty good job, it’s almost exact but hey remember I’m on a style journey here. 🙂
Now here is my challenge to you, JOIN IN! Have fun with it, we all get our inspiration from somewhere so why not pay tribute to it. There are a few guidelines to the challenge which you can view here. Visit the Blogger Fashion page to get started on which look you want to mimic, trust me there are a lot to choose from.
With all this inspiration and sudden motivation I decided to join the network. I already have Chictopia and since I’m going to be doing more outfit posts I decided it was the perfect timing. And this will be my first look! Come connect with me on both networks if you haven’t already!

Vote on Chictopia
♥ Tamaraxo

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